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An effective collaborative process to mobilize learners
The group is divided into teams of 3 or 4 participants who follow the steps below :

Step 1

Your group is split in small teams of 3 or 4.

Individually, the participants answer the question.


Step 2

Participants rank their teammates' anonymous answers according to their degree of agreement or disagreement with these ideas.


Step 3

Each team is expected to formulate a common answer that will be presented to the whole group.


As a trainer you need :

A group


You need a group of at least 6 participants to create a Mindstack session.

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A question


Your learners' work will be done around an open, mobilizing question that converges on a common answer or answers.

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A common goal

Common goal

The common goal refers to a shared interest by the participants: whether it is to solve a problem together, share knowledge or acquire a new one.

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A new versatile tool in your pocket

Your content

Mindstack.io allows you to create group work activities based on the subject you want to cover.

Multiple contexts

Mindstack.io can be used in several groupwork training contexts: entirely online ,in hybrid mode (face-to-face and and online) or entirely in the classroom.


Mindstack.io allows you to create sessions tailored to your learners' lives by letting them manage their time within a predefined timeframe.


A proven academic framework

Mindstack.io is based on a theoretical framework largely inspired by the complex instruction, an approach developed at Stanford University. 

This theoretical framework is based on solid foundations and unavoidable empirical evidence. Its primary goal is to create an equitable environment where everyone has the opportunity to reflect, formulate a solution and allow for a healthy exchange of ideas.  

The result is a learning experience where structured interactions between participants are multiple, rich and beneficial for everyone. 

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