Why create a more collaborative work environment ?

We all aspire to be part of a group where chemistry operates, where everyone feels at ease, where the atmosphere is positive and where constructive exchanges are encouraged. When we have this privilege, we enjoy the positive benefits of teamwork: … Read More

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How to increase individual engagement in group work ?

As a trainer, a teacher or a manager, when we are moderating a group in class or in a meeting, we often want to know the point of view of our participants. Sometimes we launch an open-ended question to everyone … Read More

Why doesn’t group work always work as expected?

In any group, even when a beautiful chemistry between the members takes place and even when the facilitator is concerned about getting everyone to participate, a group dynamic insidiously sets in and tints the exchanges. Inevitably, inequalities of participation can … Read More

Here are the first Mindstack.io users in an academic setting

Innovation is a big part of the daily life of students in the Voie d’Avenir program at Collège Saint-Bernard in Drummondville. Once again, they were the first by experimenting with Mindstack.io – a brand new online platform for group work … Read More