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The process at the heart of makes it easy to mobilize people around an issue.

Participant's experience

The group is divided into teams of 3 or 4 participants who complete the following steps at their own pace within a given time frame. At each step, they receive email notifications reminding them what they need to do and when.

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Step 1

Each participant acquires the initial information that is essential to be able to answer the question. Each person then answers the question individually to the best of their knowledge.

This step allows participants to awaken their interest, activate their prior knowledge and reflect on the question. They have the opportunity to formulate one or more answers at their own pace. These will be shared, anonymously, with their teammates at the next step.


Step 2

Each participant is asked to give a certain number of stars to the answers given by their teammates, depending on their degree of agreement or disagreement with each of them.

The answers are then automatically classified according to the number of stars received.

At this stage, the anonymity of the answers allows us to focus more on the ideas and not on the people who gave them. The reflection then turns out to be content-oriented, in order to enrich the collective construction.

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Step 3

At this step, participants progress towards the development of a common response that will be published, on behalf of the team, to the entire group.

Each participant can propose, comment, modify or question a proposal for a common answer for his team.

Every team member is invited to express their appreciation of the proposals for a joint answers by assigning them a certain number of thumbs.

Once the time has expired or when all the team’s thumbs have been distributed, the answer with the highest number of thumbs will be the one that will be published to the entire group.

This rule allows everyone to play strategically with their allocated thumbs, in order to express, their preferences towards one or the other of the proposals.


In summary, the process allows the collective construction of knowledge, following stages that encourage everyone’s commitment. It concludes with feedback from the person who initiated the session to add even more meaning to the co-learning experience.

Initiator's experience

To create a session, the person who initiates the session must combine the following elements.

Group makes group problem solving and learning easier. A minimum of 6 participants is required to create an activity. 

There is no maximum number of participants. Regardless of the size of the group, the teams will be composed of 3 or 4 participants. 

The answer of each team will be published to the whole group at the end of the process for each question.

Question (s) is designed for open-ended questions that benefit from being solved as a team. 

Each session includes one or more questions, concerning the subject of your choice.

Depending on your context, the question may include an already known answer (e. g. theoretical knowledge to be acquired) or an unknown answer (e. g. a new problem to be solved).  

Common goal

Mention to participants the purpose of the session: e. g. learning a new knowledge together, exchanging knowledge or helping each other to solve a problem, and so on, contributes to the session’s success. 

The more the participants feel concerned about the issue to be resolved, the more engaged they will be in the process. 


A time limit must be assigned for each step of a session. This duration can range from a few minutes to several days, depending on the context of use of the platform. The timing of an automatic reminder of the deadline for each of the steps is possible.

Team members can access the next step as soon as they have all completed this step or after the time has expired.

This gives participants both the flexibility to answer the question and a framework to motivate them to progress from one step to the next.

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