A simple concept built on sound foundations

Small teams

Mindstack.io divides your group into small teams of 3 or 4 people.

This feature allows you to enhance your participant’s engagement in the work.

The small number of teammates increases the participants’ sense of belonging to their team creating a sense of positive interdependence.

Everyone feels more responsible for creating an answer.

This dynamic of positive interdependence is developing within the teams, increasing the motivation of participants to collaborate and reflect on the problem.

This team size also encourages rich and diversified interactions.


Mindstack.io sessions are always structured around the same objective:

provide an opportunity for everyone to learn and take part in the discussion.

Mindstack.io offers a thoughtful process, organizing the work in stages, in order to allow each team to progress, step by step, towards the construction of a common answer.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Monday, 1:00 PM
Wenesday, 1:00 PM
Friday 1:00 PM


Time is an essential element of Mindstack.io.

By defining clear deadlines for each step, participants have the necessary freedom to learn at a time that suits them best, to reflect and contribute at their own pace, and to be encouraged to do the work required.

Everyone knows exactly what is expected of them. This increases the sense of individual responsibility of all participants.

Competition vs cooperation

Mindstack.io plays positively with group dynamics to create a balance between competition and cooperation.

Participants are thus more engaged in the progressive development of the collective answer.

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