Use cases is a flexible tool that can be used in several groupwork situations and in different use cases.

Groupwork modes

Hybride can be used before, between or after face-to-face meetings to maintain the link with your participants. Give them the opportunity to deepen their skills to work as a group !

In the classroom can be used in a live session, if all your participants have a computer, tablet or phone. The cooperative process deployed will be the same as remotely. You can add your own personal touch !

Remotely offers you new opportunities for online group work. Immerse your participants in a highly motivating collaborative experience!

Use cases has been designed with versatility in mind so that you can use it in as many contexts as possible when your team has to work together.


Invite your participants to work as a team via in order to encourage everyone’s participation and to see the evolution of their thinking.


Offer your participants the opportunity to help each other and reduce their isolation, via, in order to improve their practice together, based on real-life problems experienced in the field.

At school / training

Invitez vos participants à solutionner une question, via, afin de s’approprier ensemble un nouveau savoir.

Post-training follow-up

Maintain the relationship with your participants following a training session by launching a session to allow them to deepen their knowledge or help each other when transferring it into practice.

Case study

Give your participants the opportunity to resolve a case study as a team, via, at a distance and at their own pace, before discussing it in a large group.

Expertise network

Bring together people interested in developing their expertise around a theme and regularly invite them to participate in various sessions. Your network will be enriched by both the knowledge shared and the contribution of each individual.


Brainstorm via to gather everyone’s ideas and make them converge, before discussing them in a live meeting. Save time and benefit from everyone’s creativity.

Strategic reflection

Benefit from the contribution of each member of your group at each step of a strategic reflection, by launching the questions via, before a meeting, and thus optimize the exchanges. 

Focus group

Draw a picture of a group’s collective trends around an issue, addressing one theme at a time, in a session.